A Voice Changes Everything


Sandy Phillipps

The Voice of Love

What if the pen in your hand could rewrite your destiny? Or the abuse stamped on your soul washed away? What if you had a faith that could hold you no matter what? The book you hold in your hands is the heart of a child that found her voice, a voice that became the courage of a lion. Open your heart to fresh hope that speaks deep into lost dreams. Discover buried dreams you didn’t know were yours. Peel off the doubt that holds you back from being all you are called to be. This is a compelling read you won’t want to put down.

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Oh my goodness, biographies can be hard to connect with, and I thought I would just read the forward and maybe the first chapter, but this is a hard book to put down! Phillipps keeps the reader engaged through every page. Powerful and compelling!


I wholeheartedly recommend this ultra-transparent book about victory through faith.


I thought this was a wonderful story of healing from serious emotional and psychological abuse. It follows a pathway of showing how Jesus systematically untangles a broken and hurt woman from an intricately spun web of suffering and pain.


I had a hard time putting this book down! I can relate to a lot of the author's testimony. It clearly shows how hope and love can be found despite the adversities that people experience. This was a great read!

Finding My Voice

Discussion Guide  

Make your story a powerful song that can be shared with others. Hear and respond to the Voice that calls you to participate. Pick up your pen, exercise your voice, write with destiny and with purpose. Things that have felt too painful to make any sense can be worked into the tapestry of your life. Discover and experience hope and how tenderly God has never let go of your hand. Overcoming obstacles, connecting the dots of your life is yours for the taking.

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